I’ve recently been reading a lot about Internal Family Systems therapy, also known as parts work. The idea is that each of us have multiple sub-personalities, or pieces of ourselves. When they are in conflict, suppressed, or otherwise weakened, we often experience distress, depression, health issues, etc. But when the parts are integrated, we become stronger and more able to function in the world and achieve our goals. This is an evidence-based modality that has been proven to treat a number of physical and mental issues.

To me, there is a direct line between that and what I do as an astrologer. When I look at a chart, what I am seeing is essentially a blueprint of all of someone’s sub-personalities and how they interact. I can see what planets offer protection or escape or tension. I can see which parts are placed into exile and which are welcomed with open arms. It’s a map of the psyche.

The goal in parts work is the same as with astrology. It is my job to analyze all the disparate parts and find a way to bring them together into a cohesive whole. It’s to help people own all of who they are and to put all the parts to good use. In both systems, parts that appear to be liabilities can become enormous assets. When everything comes together, people function like never before. It’s amazing to see a psychological modality confirm what astrology has always told us!

When we acknowledge all of who we are, we can use all the parts of ourselves to become healthy. The engine within us revs op. And when we’re firing on all cylinders, we have the power to achieve our dreams and live the life we’re meant to live. In that way, astrology makes us whole.

How has astrology helped you understand yourself?

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