Health officials collect samples from people who were in close contact with Covid-infected Myanmar lorry drivers, at a fruit market in Mae Sot district, Tak, on Sunday. (Photo: Assawin Pinitwong)

Tests have not found any new Covid-19 infections in Mae Sot district of Tak since the recent scare, but Myanmar lorry drivers are still regarded as posing a risk, a senior disease control official said on Wednesday.

Tanarak Plipat, deputy director-general of the department, said 4,189 people in Mae Sot sought Covid-19 tests after lorry drivers who came from Myanmar were found to be infected.

He said the results of 1,194 of those tests were back, and all were negative. 

Health officials had also tested 163 Myanmar truck drivers and 18 passengers, and they were all negative.

“The situation in Mae Sot is still considered to be normal. No Thai people are infected,” Dr Taranak said.

People in Mae Sot were tested for Covid-19 after three Myanmar lorry drivers were found infected in the border district last Friday and Saturday.

Dr Tanarak said serious testing for Covid-19 had to continue in Mae Sot.

Although there were only a small number of Covid-19 patients in the nearby Myanmar border town of Myawaddy to date, lorry drivers there travelled throughout the country, and Covid-19 was spreading fast there, he said.

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