China encircles border pillar at Hilsa in Humla


The border pillar at Nepal-China border at Hilsa in Humla.

HILSA: Defying the international laws relating to the boundary line, China has encircled the border pillar lying between the two countries.

Prevalent international practices and boundary regulation prohibit the bordering countries from encircling the border pillars; however, China has encircled the pillar number 9 lying at Hilsa on the Nepal-China border.

The security officials deployed at the site also remark that it’s like an intrusion from the Chinese side.

“China has made a mistake by encircling the pillar, now it should dismantle the fence and respect international practices and regulations,” the personnel spoke under anonymity, “Nepal’s border falls under enclosed boundary, which permits the nationals of both countries to travel to a certain distance using the pass issued by them.”

China has made its main gate from the boundary line, whereas Nepal’s entrance has been constructed around 25 meters from the boundary line.

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