North, Isan, South brace for floods

Storm heads in from South China Sea

Pedestrians cross a street in heavy rain near Ratchaprasong intersection, which was sealed off by a huge security force yesterday evening. The rally location was moved to near Pathumwan intersection. Apichit Jinakul

Nakhon Ratchasima, provinces in the Northeast and the South of Thailand are facing floods as a storm approaches.

The Meteorological Department warned the North, the Northeast, Central area and the East to brace for another storm from South China Sea, moving towards Vietnam yesterday.

The department said that one depression moved from the South China Sea to Vietnam yesterday and caused downpours in the North, Northeast, Central region and the East. Heavy rain in those regions is expected until tomorrow, while in the South, a southwestern monsoon has brought heavy rain to many areas and will cause big swells in the Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand.

In Nakhon Ratchasima, water discharged from the Lam Phra Phloeng Dam caused flooding in Pak Thong Chai district overnight, with floodwater rising to the roofs of many one-storey houses.

Rescue workers yesterday used boats to distribute relief supplies to affected people in flood-hit areas in the district after the water level at the dam exceeded its storage capacity, prompting officials to accelerate water discharges.

A huge amount of discharged water flowed into main and irrigation canals, causing them to burst their banks and flood farmland and many houses on Thursday night.

Fifteen homes in Khok Samran village and 21 houses in Takhian Khu village in tambon Takhob were under water, authorities reported.

Pak Thong Chai district chief Banlang Waisiri sent people to distribute drinking water, food and other relief items to affected households.

In municipality areas of the province, flooding is expected to rise to a depth of 30cm. One stable was inundated with 14 horses evacuated.

Yesterday, the Mun River in Ubon Ratchathani was measured at 5.6 metres, 9cm higher than the previous day, and villagers in municipality areas, located in the lower plain, have been evacuated with their belongings after their houses along the river were submerged.

In Buri Ram, Anupong Suksomnit, the deputy governor, deployed rescuers to help flood victims in Khu Mueang district as their houses and paddy fields were flooded.

In Trang, the Trang River overflowed and hit two districts, Mueang and Sikao. Sixty families in the municipality area were flooded after water rose to 30-150cm.

Duangkhae Rakpong, a villager, said her area is located near waste water so villagers often contract athlete’s foot and leptospirosis when they have to wade through flooded areas.

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