COVID-19: Govt not to manage corpse if death under home isolation


NA personnel deployed in managing dead body of COVID-19 victim. (File photo)

KATHMANDU: The government has modified the procedure related to the managing body of COVID-19 deceased.

As per the new procedure, family members need to manage the dead body if someone within the family dies of the coronavirus under home isolation.

The Ministry of Health took the decision by making the second amendment to ‘Brief procedure 2077 on body management of people who die of COVID-19’.

Stating that it has been challenging to manage the corpses due to the recent death of many infected people, the government has prepared criteria for the families to manage the corpses.

In case of death at home, the family should inform the local representative and the police.

After that, it is mentioned in the criteria that the family and the people in the funeral should bury the body carefully.

Earlier, the District COVID-19 Crisis Management Center had been managing the body of people succumbing to the pandemic.

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