Global Covid-19 cases cross 39.5 million, death toll over 1.1 million


WASHINTON: The global coronavirus caseload now stands at 39.5 million cases, according to the latest updates provided by Johns Hopkins University.

According to the University tracker, there are 39,502,909 COVID-19 cases globally and 1,106,705 patients globally have succumbed to the virus.

Globally, 27,148,927 patients infected from the virus have recovered, the tracker states.

The US continues to be the worst-affected country due to the virus with 8,086,780 cases and 218,980 fatalities, which are the most deaths in the world.

As many as 3,197,539 patients across the US have recovered from the disease. India and Brazil are the second and third most-affected countries from the virus with 7,432,680 cases and 5,200,300 cases respectively.

Russia is fourth on the list with 1,376,020 cases across the country.

As per the University tracker, India has the most COVID-19 recoveries in the world with 6,524,595 patients recovering from the disease across the country.

The World Health Organization declared COVID-19 as a pandemic on March 11.

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