Perhaps it’s time to take a step back and evaluate where our sport is at the moment, and where professional tournament golf is heading.

I think we will all agree that watching a golf tournament on TV without any spectators is not exactly scintillating entertainment.

Golf is not immune to the reality of Covid-19 and how the coronavirus has affected golf in particular and sports in general must be of great concern to those heading our sport’s industry.

The ultimate diminishing of sponsorship cash must be worrying to those who rely on it.

English Premier League football matches are conducted in somewhat spooky empty grounds with added crowd sounds edited in to create the allusion and atmosphere that people are present and watching.

Is this going to be added to future golf telecasts, as it’s a strange feeling for anybody watching.

Must the virus be totally eradicated before spectators are allowed back to enjoy their sport?

If this is the case, then what is the timeline here because rest assured, continued sponsorship would be high on the agenda of many boardrooms now.

Meanwhile, here are a few possible explanations of some common faults: A pull could be caused simply by positioning the ball too far forward or perhaps your spine angle is wrong at address.

If you are hitting hooks, take a look if your grip is too strong or your clubface is closed at address.

A slice could be that your grip is too weak and that your clubface is open at address.

A persistent push could come from the ball being positioned too far back.

Out of Bounds: The following sign was spotted in an Irish golf club: “Now don’t you be talking about yourself while you’re here. We’ll be doin’ that after you leave.”

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