The next Terengganu FA congress is set to be held this December, and fans in the state are starting to make their displeasure heard.

With the next Terengganu FA (TFA) congress set to be held this December, football fans in the state have launched a campaign calling for its executive committee (exco) to refrain from voting for one of its members.

The campaign, which has been initiated by the fan group Ultras Tranung, has accused the long-time exco member, who also has roles in the Malaysian FA and Malaysian Football League committees as well as in the Malaysia Super League side Terengganu FC (TFC), of hoarding power and positions without actually bringing progress to the sport in the state.

According to the campaign, the exco member has wielded his influence to make appointments that have strengthened his power, despite not possessing significant administrative knowledge in the sport.

“…He is still influential enough to appoint his people as TFC II officials, as manager and assistant manager. The coaches would not dare defy him in order to protect their livelihoods.

“…He is not knowledgeable on matters of modern football, and has not come up with the vision and mission, as well as short, medium and long-term plans for the FA and TFC. Worse still, football development in his district has been dead, there are no football academies, competitions and M4 League teams. He has totally failed as a branch leader!”

The fans also accused the exco member in question of having already started campaigning for the FA Deputy President II post.

“As of this moment, he has been going around the state, lobbying for the district FAs to vote for him and his cronies, by leveraging on his MFL post and promising certain positions to those who vote for him.

“We reject any parasites that have disrupted the team’s progress, and such a person should not be involved in the administration. Enough is enough, he has had the post for too long and should make way for those who are more qualified.”

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