Friday night, the Moon moves to Taurus… earthy, fixed, yin – the perfect counterpoint to Scorpio season. Taking it all in: the good, the bad, the weird. It conjoins Black Moon Lilith for the addition of a craving for our own brand of unrestrained grab for pleasure.

Remember consequences. But if those are manageable, have at it. This doesn’t need to be something taboo, but for some it may be. What it is will be a reflection of desire where the demands of others don’t enter in. If you’re not hurting anyone, go wild.

With Mercury retrograde at the end of Libra and Venus direct at the beginning, we can all talk ourself into or out of whatever we want. So be sure of what you’re after when you make a plan. This is true all weekend long.

With retro Mercury in Libra square Saturn in Cap, this is a time for renegotiation. If that’s you, consider this – do you have the “high ground” or are you asking for something you’ve no right to? Did you do the work or did something foundational genuinely change? Or perhaps it’s pure economics and a change in the relationship. How strong and how valid is your position?

Venus makes its way into opposition with Chiron in Aries, a reminder: Be real about what you want or what you get won’t please you. And if you have some damage around that, work on it.

As retrograde Mercury heads back into square with Saturn, there may be issues that go uncommunicated because previous attempts were beaten back or received badly. You may sense a barrier to particular subjects or find a stony reception. However, those who persevere and are pleasant in tone will likely prevail… but that doesn’t assure an outcome. Better results come from getting all your facts in line, working through them, and shining them up to their prettiest potential.

Make it sound desirable.

Choose your timing well. It makes a difference. That’s where the Venus-Chiron opposition can help. Whatever you’re presenting, make sure it’s genuine. Lies will out… eventually – but realistically at any time.

You may find you’ve figured out what you want… the hard way. But it’s oh so good that you know! Don’t discount that gift.

Saturday the Taurus Moon moves into tight conjunction with Uranus and opposition to the Scorpio Sun – the full moon. On Halloween! We’re in for a bumpy night. What makes it a bumpy night is the fixed desire to nail down a particular outcome and the Uranian inability to comply. Surprise!

With the veil to the otherworlds thinned and the Sun in the underworld, Taurus Moon is shocked by…

Well where is Taurus ruler Venus? Where is Mercury (senses and the mind/communications)? Libra. Cardinal, take control, make it fair and pretty Libra. That’s no shy maiden. The shy part is a mask. There’s air. Even with Mercury retrograde, this influence is discerning and clever. Libra air is at ease in debate! You don’t have to accept a bad bargain. Mars retrograde in Aries hits the midpoint of Venus and Mercury. Mars has just squared the Cap stellium. Mercury actively squares Saturn.

Are you looking for support and getting jammed? Being self centered is a thing right now, not wrong but a thing. If it’s too much, the universe will settle your hash. So we shall see.

What is FAIR? Could we see a reversal of fortunes that favors what is fair for those who are genuine? That would be awesome. And possible. But it also requires assertion and effort. Just keep that in mind. Do NOT be unfair in your dealings. “Who me?? NEVER!” What about to yourself? Don’t let shit slide. You may be the one to shock others… with fairness. With balance. With a different attitude or tone. Keep it sweet. You don’t have to yell to be heard.

Sunday the Taurus Moon sextiles Neptune and trines Jupiter, Pluto, then Saturn. Mercury perfects its square to Saturn. With the full moon sprung, is it possible we find bigger, deeper, lasting satisfaction having faced our demons? Could we find the opportunity to dream up something better for having spoken truth to authority, even risking the relative peace of the status quo?

What happens to the status quo when our stability is shaken by an unknown quantity that can’t be counted in the near term? Don’t waste too much time in shocked reaction. Cos let’s face it – unless aliens take over, it’s all pretty much in play. This looks like the ability to upgrade our sensitivities and roll with the punches. If we’re not trained up yet, when will we be? Libra is no sucker. We’ve got plenty of support from that arena.

The Taurus full moon takes place at 8 degrees. Where does that hit your chart? Where do Venus and Mercury in Libra transit your chart?


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