Mayors demand lockdown in Valley after Chhat


Lalitpur Metropolitan City Mayor  Chiribabu Maharjan (File photo)

LALITPUR: Municipal Forum of the Kathmandu Valley has called for a lockdown following the Chhat festival after the cases of COVID-19 increased in the capital in an alarming rate.

A joint meeting of the municipal forum and COVID-19 Crisis Management Center held a week ago decided to this effect, informed Vice Chairman of the forum and Lalitpur Metropolitan City Mayor  Chiribabu Maharjan.

Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa from the government side and 14 mayors of the Kathmandu Valley were present in the meeting. According to Maharjan, three to four mayors had demanded a strict lockdown in the meeting.

Minister Thapa expressed his intention to impose lockdown in line with the law in the Kathmandu Valley following Chhat festival, said Maharjan.

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