There is a good discussion going here – Scorpio Dead Zone, which I really should have called the Scorpio Kill Zone. I’ve written about Scorpio amputating people over the years (search). Typically the person who is cut off is left in a tremendous pain. They’re often bewildered as to why it happened.

I know this because, people have come on this blog for years after being cut by Scorpio or a person like me with a packed 8th house.  People hate Scorpio for this. They loathe them. They swear them off for the rest of the life and beyond, if they believe in such things. But I’ll tell you what they (virtually) never do. They never get it. They never understand.

This is not because they are stupid, or insensitive or anything else. You don’t know, because the Scorpio is not going to tell you! They are not going to tell you about their feelings. They’re not going to tell you a damned thing and they’re not going to care what you tell yourself.

I’ve said many times (Scorpio – The Least Appreciated Sign In The Zodiac By Far), people just don’t realize what they’ve got until it’s taken from them.  And I know that Scorpio gets tagged as “vindictive” and “unforgiving”…but only by a certain kind of person.

If you question this, just ask yourself – who doesn’t know a vindictive, unforgiving, Gemini/Virgo/Libra/Cancer, etc. See?

Frankly, I’d rather have a Scorpio on my ass than a Virgo!  Death by 1000 paper cuts, lol. Please, please, just cut me off! Scorpio Amputates…but How Would You Prefer Your Lover Leave You?

How do you feel about Scorpio? How does Scorpio feel about you?


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