Mr Pars came in 44th and won US$41,400 in last week’s Masters and during our weekly call he asked me to recommend a new coach for his friend and inquired what separates the top golf coaches from those struggling to survive.

Is it teaching talent or sales and marketing talent?

According to a Golf Digest article, Hank Haney charges US$500 an hour or $10,000 a day, a rate set before he was Tiger Woods’ instructor.

Another former Woods’ instructor, Butch Harmon, has a rate of $600 per hour.

David Leadbetter’s rate is $10,000 for a half day, and $50,000 and up for a full day of teaching while Dave Pelz gets $30,000 a day.

The marketing of top teachers is so important, and the marketing skills required are invaluable.

The money in the instruction business comes from being able to sell knowledge and the expertise of teaching golf.

It is the marketing and selling of that knowledge not the knowledge itself that determines a healthy income.

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