NCP will not split: Rawal


Nepal Communist Party (NCP) leader Dr. Bhim Rawal

KATHMANDU: Nepal Communist Party leader Dr. Bhim Rawal has said that his party would not split at any cost, but would move ahead united.

Speaking at a meeting with party cadres in Purbichauki rural municipality in the district, he said the latest internal differences will instead make the party more united.

Though differences are likely to continue until the coming secretariat and standing committee meetings, all the problems and differences will be resolved. “NCP is a big party, and disputes are thus inevitable, but the situation does not warrant a division,” he said.

He also said that both the chairmen must abide by the decision of the party committees. Anyone committing corruption will be punished, as the NCP is against corruption. The accusations leveled by the opposition saying that corruption increased during the NCP-led government are baseless, Rawal added.

It’s actually the opposition parties accusing the NCP of corruption after the NCP-led government accelerated development activities.

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