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CM Gurung offers Chaitedashain greetings

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Chief Minister of Gandaki province Prithvi Subba Gurung has extended best wishes to all Nepalis and citizens from the province on the occasion of the Chaitedashain and Ramnawami festivals.

In a message of greetings, CM Gurung said festivals played significant role in fostering mutual goodwill, social integration and brotherhood among all Nepalis who adhere to various religions and cultures. 

Chief Minister Gurung said festivals celebrated by the different communities in a multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-cultural and geographically diverse nation like ours helped consolidate the national unity in the context of the country adopting federalism and secularism. 

He also reminded people to observe the health safety protocols while celebrating the festivals in the aftermath of the second wave of coronavirus gripping the country recently. Chief Minister Gurung stressed on the need of all stakeholders, including the general public to take measures to control the pandemic.

The Gandaki Province government has decided to give a public holiday throughout the province today on the day of Chaitedashain.

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