Home International Has BJP opened its ‘branch’ in Sri Lanka?

Has BJP opened its ‘branch’ in Sri Lanka?

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Has BJP opened its ‘branch’ in Sri Lanka?


Has BJP opened its ‘branch’ in Sri Lanka?

The image of Muththusami — described as leader of Sri Lanka Bharatiya Janata Party – has gone viral on social media.

KATHMANDU: A photo has gone viral on the internet claiming that India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has launched its ‘branch’ in Sri Lanka.

The viral image is real, according to media reports.

The newly launched political party in Sri Lanka, however, has nothing to do with the Indian BJP, a Colombo-based hotelier of Indian origin, Velusamy Muthuswamy has claimed.

Earlier, there were claims by some Chinese and Pakistani media that India’s BJP was planning to ‘interfere’ in politics of neighboring countries by opening its ‘branches’ in Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Muthuswamy, had on March 6, speaking at a press conference announced the launch of a new political outfit “Ilankai Bharatiya Janatha Katchi” (IBJK) or Sri Lanka BJP, to what he said “further the socio-economic development” of all Sri Lankans.

He announced the decision in Jaffna.

According to him, while the new party would be called Sri Lanka Bharathiya Janatha Party (SLBJP) in English, it would be named Sri Lanka Bharathiya Janatha Paksaya (SLBJP) in Sinhala.

Muthuswamy has, however, categorically denied links to India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party.

He said, “There is no link with India’s BJP. But I admire Narendra Modi since his schemes are progressive.”

Muthuswamy also said that they planned formation of the party six years ago.

The new party will be working for the benefit of Tamils, he added.

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