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How to get $50 off the new Sonos Roam portable speaker if you own an old Sonos speaker – CNET

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The Roam lists for $169, but you can get it for as little as $119.

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When Sonos moved to its new S2 app last year, it created some havoc for owners of legacy Sonos devices that aren’t compatible with the new app, bifurcating users’ multiroom setups. As a small consolation, Sonos offered up an olive branch in the form of an upgrade program that allowed you to get up to 30% off a new Sonos speaker, depending on what legacy Sonos products you owned. The nice thing about it is that you don’t have to trade your old Sonos product in, you can continue using it, although the catch (as noted) is that you can’t use it in the same multispeaker system as the S2-compatible Roam.

The Roam, Sonos’ smallest speaker to date, is shipping on April 20 and costs $169 at Sonos.com, where it’s available for preorder (it’s also available at Best Buy). But the price goes down to as low as $119 — or around $50 off — if you have an upgrade “credit” for 30% off. To check what your legacy Sonos products are worth in terms of a discount credit, you simply go to Sonos’ upgrade site and sign into your Sonos account. Some products get you a 30% credit on any new Sonos product; others get you 15% off. 

If you don’t have any old Sonos equipment, you can of course buy the Roam for its list price or wait till later in the year when we may see some small discounts on it. 

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