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How Will Sam Wilson’s Captain America Evolve from Steve Rogers in the MCU?

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It’s time. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier finale is on its way this week, and Sam Wilson will finally be taking up the role he was earlier reluctant to. For the first time, the Falcon will wear all new colors and fly high into a new battle wielding the very shield he was intrusted with by its previous wielder and representative. The Marvel Cinematic Universe will get a new Captain America, and it will be the start of the future line-up of superheroes to be introduced in the franchise throughout the coming original and follow-up films or television productions.

But, having a new Captain America will not be the same as it was when Steve Rogers was around. Sam Wilson admired Steve to the extent that he went against all odds to support his take on the Accords, even if it meant being labelled as a fugitive and staying away from his family. But, now, as he take on his mantle, as well as his ideals and beliefs, he will have to differ from what Steve was as Captain America. While the core rationale behind the need for a changed and different persona surrounding Cap’s mantle is related to the fact that Wilson is a person of color (repercussions of which has been explored throughout the series), but also because Sam is not a super-soldier. So, these two iterations of the same superhero figure. How?

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Sam Wilson Might Be On Opposing Political Grounds.

Sam Wilson Might Be On Opposing Political Grounds

Sam Wilson’s character arc has gone into a different direction from being a lawful Avenger since Captain America: Civil War. Even after returning to life after events of Avengers: Endgame, Sam faces family troubles, financial losses, and a complete disregard towards his deeds as an Avenger due to racial prejudices. That even led authorities to strip him off Cap’s mantle, which was given to him by Rogers himself. On top of that, upon hearing the story of Isaiah Bradley, Sam has come to know how the horrifying treatment of his people at the hands of white-supremacist American ideals and their advocates.

We witnessed in the previous episode that Sam took this on as a challenge. He decided to prove his worth rather than giving up on his duty. He followed in Steve’s ideas of just having faith in your own good even if the entire world is deprived of it. He trains his body and his mind, gaining control over shield’s use in combat, and by the end, readies himself to wear his new colors and head into battle against the Flag Smashers. But, doesn’t mean that Sam has totally given into Captain America’s mantle and the principles associated with it. Steve Rogers served his nation with pride and selflessness, and tried to abide by what’s right. But, for Sam and his people, that definition would be different. He’d have to convince the world to bring a change in their outdated ideology, and would have to fight the divided politics across the globe that has come in this new world order.

Isaiah Bradley told him that no self-respecting Black man would ever become Captain America. While one hand, Sam has to fight the white supremacy, he also has to fight the growing hatred amongst his people to help achieve peace. He believes that this is a new world and that amends can be made to the past mistakes. Since Bradley explicitly said how disrespectful to the community it will be if a Black person was to become Captain America, Sam would not necessarily be a hero to his own people who share this same belief as Bradley.

So, Sam would have to find his own political principles and try to bring both factions to a common point. He’d have to win support and trust of people, as well as the authorities to bring some change to the world and end the pestilential prejudice based on race and color in the world.

Sam Shall Remain Falcon (In A Way).

Sam Shall Remain Falcon

One of the concerns Sam Wilson would face would be the lack of brute force. Sam is an ex-military pararescue, so he knows how to act in combat and he surely is agile enough to fight. His skills as a combat specialist are undoubtedly remarkable as he was entrusted by the US military to operate the Exo-Falcon suit, the one he “borrowed” during the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. But, he isn’t a super-soldier. But, he has got wings.

Though Sam now has Cap’s shield, he won’t be giving up his Falcon wings. Sam now has a new suit, courtesy of Wakanda, to take on his enemies. The suit would surely be an upgrade to his previous one and would definitely be more tech-powered since it’s Wakandan. Moreover, it’s likely made of Vibranium. It’s definitely going to give him an upper edge since he isn’t a super soldier. Flying is in Sam’s nature. Being a former pararescue, who has typically mastered the use of the Falcon suit, he could always use the wings to his aide. We have previously watched him use his suit to make precise turn arounds on his enemies and even use them as protective shield.

In Civil War and in Infinity War, we have seen Sam using flight to engage in long-range attacks on his enemies. With the shield combining with his wings, he would be able to make quick moves between long and short-range attacks whenever required. While his long-range attacks are mostly kill shots, he’d be able to engage in fierce brawls with his opponents.

The Use of Tech.

Falcon Tech

Technology has been Falcon’s friend since his suit got upgrades from Stark tech during his time with the Avengers. His connection to Red Wing, his AI-based robot bird, helps him tag targets, scout enemy locations, and even activate kill shots. Now that his new suit has Wakandan tech, he’s going to do some serious damage to his opponents. Vibranium has absorption powers, which allows powered-suits to absorb and then release energy as weaponized beams on opponents, like T’Challa did (hopefully, Sam’s new suit will have this feature). Even if the new suit doesn’t have this feature, Wakandan tech is far more advanced and superior than the rest of the world, which shall allow Sam to be more fierce and brutal when required.

A vibranium winged-suit and a vibranium shield which he can throw around like a frisbee. And if Sam could have the magnetic glove to call back the shield, like Steve had in Avengers: Age of Ultron, it would be just amazing.

Sam Would Have To Fight Harder.

Sam Would Have To Fight Harder

In his fight against the super-soldier group and future supervillains, Sam would have to use his agility and speed along with his control over the new suit to gain upper hand. He is aware of how to use the suit in different fighting tactics, and can literally stab enemies with his wings.

So, he’d have to use the combination of the tech from his new suit, as well as his combat skills from his military and Avengers days to tackle future enemies. The shield could be handy of course as both the means of defense and attack.

Sam has trained himself well, as we’ve seen in the previous episode. He is preparing himself to be fast, be active, and be as physically strong as he can to take on the brutal hits from the super soldiers he is about to face. Yes he has some technological help from his suit, as a former soldier, he knows it is his body that’ll do the heavy work. It’ll be amazing to now see him in a whole new avatar and land some blows on enemies as the new Captain America.

Moreover, since he has to establish a new legacy for Captain America’s name, he’d have to bend some existing rules and push the politics of America to make new ones in order to stand up to the racial prejudice. The Falcon And The Winter Soldier will end on Friday with the final episode that’ll stream exclusively on Disney+. The topper art was created by @ultraraw26 on Instagram.

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