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JSP submits details of detainees to government

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JSP submits details of detainees to government


JSP submits details of detainees to government

JSP Chairman Mahantha Thakur. (File photo)

KATHMANDU: The Janata Samajwadi Party (JSP) has submitted the details of cases and the detainees held by the authority for their involvement in Madhesh/Tharuhat movement to the government on Wednesday.

One of the key makers to help the country get rid of the ongoing political impasse, JSP has been bargaining with both the government and the other parties consulting it for government formation.

JSP has been accusing the mainstream political parties including ruling CPN-UML, Nepali Congress of being biased against its Madhes centric agenda.

It has been demanding their readiness to address its agenda.

Formerly reluctant to listen to the Madheshi agenda, Prime Minister KP Oli is said to be more flexible towards them after Supreme Court annulled erstwhile ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) on March 7.

A few weeks before, speaking in a program in Kathmandu, JSP Chair Mahantha Thakur had praised PM Oli saying the latter has been considerate towards the demands of his parties.

The JSP has demanded that all of its cadres passing time in jail should be released, the injured should receive free treatment in the hospitals, the constitution should be amended and the report of the Lal Commission formed to investigate the incidents during the Madhes Tharuhat movement should be made public.

PM Oli has formed a task force to meet the demands of JSP.

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