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Marvel Celebrates Aliens 35th Anniversary with Aftermath Comic This July

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Marvel Comics is bringing us back to the world of Aliens this summer. The publisher has revealed that they are celebrating James Cameron’s legendary sci-fi classic with a brand new, super-sized comic titled Aliens: Aftermath. The story will take place in the same world as the movies and will pick up where Cameron’s 1986 sequel left off.

Aliens: Aftermath is billed as a special one-shot issue that comes from writer Benjamin Percy (Wolverine, X-Force) and artist Dave Wachter (Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon). Aliens: Aftermath #1 will be a double-sized issue containing an all-new story set in the same terrifying universe as the movie. The action will take place at Hadley’s Hope and present a possible future for LV-426, the location of the movie. Percy had this to say about it.

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“When I was a kid, I had a door-length poster of a xenomorph crashing through the wood, tearing off the hinges, creeping forward with a drippy fanged smile. This is the image I would drift away to every night, which no doubt influenced my imaginative hard-wiring, along with the films and comics that I watched and read over and over and over. To this day, I can’t grip a knife without wanting to lay my hand on a table and tick-tick-tick the point between my splayed fingers, I can’t play a game of ping-pong or Clue without yelling, ‘Game over, man,’ I can’t scratch an orange tabby without whispering , ‘You are my lucky star….lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky.’ I’ve been in love with these stories most of my life, and it’s truly an honor and a delight to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Aliens with a script inked in acid blood.”

In Aliens: Aftermath, it’s been 35 years since the tragedy of the Hadley’s Hope colony. Be that as it may, the details of what happened during that ill-fated venture remain shrouded in mystery. Now, a renegade crew of investigative journalists are heading to the moon that the Weyland-Yutani corporation has erased from all records. They intend to bring back the truth even if it kills them, and what remains in that bombed-out site will attempt to do just that.

Aliens was the sequel to Ridley Scott’s original sci-fi/horror classic Alien. The movie was released seven years after its predecessor, with James Cameron taking over as director. Instead of an isolated, slow-burn horror, Cameron turned it into a full-blown action/horror flick. It was tremendously successful, becoming a box office hit and earned seven Oscar nominations, notching two wins.

Marvel is now in control of the Alien franchise, on the publishing side at least. Thanks to the Disney/Fox merger, Disney now owns the franchise. They decided to move the comics from Dark Horse to Marvel following the merger. The comic book company recently launched a new Alien ongoing series. They also have plans for Predator. However, the planned ongoing title was recently delayed by several months. Aliens: Aftermath is set to hit stands on July 14. This news comes to us via Marvel.com.

Aliens Aftermath Comic #1

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