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Most large firms seen using AI by 2025

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Mr Hu delivers the keynote address at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2021.
Mr Hu delivers the keynote address at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2021.

By 2025, 97% of large companies globally will make use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology while 60% of global carrier revenue will come from industrial customers, says Ken Hu, deputy chairman of global tech powerhouse Huawei Technologies.

He was speaking at the opening ceremony of Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2021, an online and offline forum hosted by Huawei under the theme of “Connected for Shared Prosperity”.

Some 55% of China’s GDP will be driven by the digital economy as opportunities abound in digital transformation, he noted.

All industries should focus on improving their capabilities, building out the ecosystem and creating value with digital technology, he said.

According to Mr Hu, there is concern about the world facing K-shaped economic recovery in the post Covid-19 period with an increasingly wide divide between organisations and people who benefit from digital technology and those who do not.

K-shaped recovery means different sections of an economy recover at substantially different rates.

In order to avoid unbalanced development, bridge the digital divide and promote inclusive growth, the focus of innovation needs to shift to producing greater social value, he said.

“Innovation isn’t just about solving the challenges we face today, but about lighting up tomorrow,” Mr Hu said.

“Once we get the pandemic under control, we need to think hard about how we can innovate to improve the quality of life, make businesses smarter and create a more inclusive world.”

According to Mr Hu, the pandemic has created many requirements for digital infrastructure, adding 5G, cloud and AI have begun to play an important role in manufacturing, speeding up the transition to more intelligent and flexible operations.

Huawei uses 5G innovation to help drive the digital transformation of all industries, especially through technology, products and applications.

Last year, Huawei worked closely with carriers to ensure the stable operations of more than 300 networks across 170 countries.

In Indonesia, Huawei employed new digital delivery technology to rapidly deploy over 50,000 base stations.

In Ningxia province in northern China, Huawei’s integrated routers enable multi-cloud access for enterprise users, helping them move to cloud more rapidly and at lower costs.

Mr Hu said the firm is also working with partners to explore how 5G can assist different industries in attaining digital achievement.

Mr Hu also showed the audience at the event Huawei’s Cyberverse app, an advanced augmented reality app that shows how 5G network, 5G devices and AR technology can converge to create a more immersive virtual experience.

Huawei expects Cyberverse to create new growth opportunities in multiple sectors, including education, entertainment, tourism, transportation and navigation.

“While the pandemic closed many doors, innovation has opened new windows of hope,” Mr Hu said.

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