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New Adidas shoes can be customized with Lego pieces – CNET

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Want to personalize your footwear? A new running shoe from Adidas lets wearers decorate their footwear with colorful Lego pieces. Three stripes on both sides of the Adidas Ultraboost DNA X Lego Plates shoes feature plastic strips, each of which can attach to three two-by-two Lego plates (plates are the thinner version of the traditional Lego brick). 

The shoes come with a variety of Lego pieces, but you can swap in your favorites.

Unsurprisingly in this time of popular limited-edition shoes, the Adidas-Lego shoes, which cost $200 (£145, AU$267), are already listed as sold out. A spokesperson for Adidas did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether the shoes would be restocked.

Back in October, Adidas and Lego announced a multi-year partnership promising “products for various sports and an active lifestyle will launch in December and throughout 2021, aimed at both kids and adults and crossing different Lego themes.”

Other shoes in the news recently have included Lil Nas X’s involvement with “Satan shoes,” which contain a tiny bit of human blood, and the Nike Go FlyEase sneaker, which snaps around the wearer’s foot.

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